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Built By Honeycomb is designed to support companies that cannot afford (or need) a custom website. Our website packages include many of the standard features that clients typically require – and everything that you need to have a professional looking website that you can easily update yourself. If you don’t have the time to continually update your site, we can make sure that it stays looking fresh for you.

Our team has plenty of experience working with industrial sector clients – including construction, manufacturing, service, and many more. This means that we already understand the market that you are operating in and the customers that you are targeting. We will work with you to ensure that your new website will reach its full potential.

Honeycomb Creative has been building websites since the mid 1990s, so we know a thing or two about websites. At Honeycomb Creative, we build custom designed websites, with custom programming features. From to — we handle a full alphabet of clients; all with different needs and expectations.

How do we provide so much service & functionality for so little?


Our process uses customer choices and feedback to make sure that everything is on track and meets expectations.

Professional Development

We use the same professional standard web programming on all of our sites – big or small. We make sure to do it right the first time.


The work that our design, programming, and marketing team produces is high-quality, no matter the size of the project.

Our Team

Our team is full of design, programming, and marketing talent. We strive to produce the highest-quality work for every project. If we’re not totally happy with our work, then we’ll not even consider showing it to a client. It’s not easy, but we come through by funnelling our experience, talent, and passion into everything we produce for our clients, and by working directly with our clients. We stay in contact with them throughout the project and guide them through the entire creative process to ensure the project meets their and our expectations.

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